Auto Tint Viewer

Welcome to our auto tint viewer page!  You may use this auto tint viewer to get an idea of how your vehicle would look with Llumar window film.  We hope this helps you with your decision.  We have many different films for you to choose from.  All of our films will carry a nationwide, lifetime warranty through us and any Llumar dealer in America.

We sincerely believe that an educated customer will see the value in our craftsmanship and the quality of our films.  That’s why we do all we can to help you understand more about what your investing in.  You spend a lot of time in your car, why not be more comfortable with Llumar window films.  Weather its a clear ceramic film, or a dark limo tint, we have you covered.  All of our films are going to block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and a ton of heat.

You wouldn’t spend all day in the sun without protecting yourself, why should your car?  Here in Florida, we are closer to the equator, which means the heat and UV rays are stronger than in other places.  This is another good reason to protect your investment with Llumar window film with us here at 100% Tint in Jacksonville.  We specialize in any and all types of window tint.

Llumar Auto Window Tint

Our Llumar auto window tint offers choices to make your car look better, feel more comfortable, and improve your overall driving experience. With the Llumar CTX, ATR, ATC, and AIR series of window tint, you will have no problem finding a film that fits your needs and your budget. For a comfortable drive, you may have considered tires or glasses but have you ever thought about your windows and what they can do for you when it comes to total comfort?

There may be nothing more important than putting Llumar window tint on your vehicle. Window tinting will make your car’s interior more comfortable with less strain on the A/C and the drivers eyes. Our window tint will help you further enjoy your driving experience everyday knowing that you and your car are protected from the suns harmful UV rays. Window tint will reduce the heat and UV rays entering your vehicle. We offer many different options to fit your needs. Did you know that vehicles with factory tint have little to no UV protection, it is made just for privacy and looks.

Most people assume that the factory tint keeps is protecting them and their vehicle, but in most instances this is just not the case. Here at 100% Tint we use Llumar auto window tint which comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty that is honored nationwide at any Llumar dealer in America. The warranty is good for anything you don’t cause like bubbling, fading, and peeling. You spend a lot of time in your car, why not be more comfortable? Use our automotive film viewer to get an idea of what your car will look like with window film.