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If you’re reading this article, you probably already know why you need car window tinting. However, if you don’t already know or you want to find out more, then you need not look further than the damages the sun rays can cause to you and your car when the interiors get too hot. When you live in a city as hot as Jacksonville, Florida, there is no doubt that you would want to protect yourself and your car from direct UV rays from the sun.

Apart from the damaging UV rays, you may also need a car window tinting for security reasons or to give your car that sleek look that sets it apart. Whatever your need be, the challenge will be to find the perfect car window tinting services that will cater to your car window tinting needs.

100% Tint

No doubt, there are various car window tinting services around Jacksonville, Florida. However, for your reliable and trusted car window tinting in Jacksonville, FL, look no further than 100% Tint. At 100% Tint, we deliver accurate, computer-cut technology with a host of product selections for the whole of Jacksonville. Whether you want to keep temperatures down, get a dark tinted look, or add security, you can be sure that 100% Tint is your best bet.

We provide the following window tint options:

  • Llumar CTX Ceramic Tint:   The Llumar CTX series is probably the most popular of all our firms. This firm is ceramic, possessing a layer of Nano ceramic material. This allows it to block out more heat including blocking out all of the UV rays that would otherwise damage your car interior. As you may already know, the ceramic possess insulating properties. This works in a way that keeps out heat from your car. With the Llumar CTX series, you will not just be getting a tinted car window that provides the best heat rejection film on the entire market, you will also be getting a slick design that guarantees your privacy. All of these qualities ensures that many people prefer the Llumar CTX series.
  • Llumar Air Series Tint: The Llumar air series tint provides you with UV and heat protection without that characteristic dark look of traditional window film. This is a ceramic based film which allows you to block out about 99% of UV rays and 43% of the solar energy.
  • Llumar ATR Metallized Tint: This window film similar duties as the CTX the difference however is the fact that Llumar ATR metallized tint uses a metal in between the layers of film. This provides ultimate heat rejection. Its charcoal color also provides it with a unique look that ensures you get to win on both style and substance.
  • Llumar ATC Dyed Window Tint: The Llumar ATC series is our premium dyed film. This film may not be so effective in keeping out the heat but it wins big on appearance and provides your factory glass with an extra layer of protection.

At 100% Tint, we assure you the following:

  • Experienced Professionals: We pride ourselves in holding unto car window tinting national standards to ensure that we only deliver you an excellent work every time. To do this, we ensure that our team comprises of some of the most experienced and highly skilled car window tint installers. All our installers have incurred years of invaluable experience as professionals installers. So, you can be sure that we can only give you the very best.
  • Nationwide life time Guarantee: Because we are extremely confident that our products and services will bring you the satisfaction you desire, we made provisions for a national warranty on each of our car window tinting package.
  • Trusted partnership: We are an authorized Llumar dealer servicing St. Johns, Clay County and Duval. We have also have in our service area the following: Orange Park, St Augustine, Middleburg, Fernandina, Fleming Island, Palakta, Oakleaf, Argyle, Ponte Vedra and Keystone Heights. Successful partnership such as we have managed to garner has ensured that you will be able to get only high quality products and service that are pocket friendly.
  • Military Discount: At 100% Tint, we recognize the good services of our military personnel so we proudly offer our products and services at discounted prices for all of our armed service members, including uniformed services discount.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We have made the necessary provisions to ensure that when you do business with 100% Tint, you only get the very best. Our members of staffs are well qualified and dedicated to giving you the satisfaction you desire. 100% Tint offers the best scratch protection coating in the entire industry to ensure that you will have no reason to regret coming to us.

We are Jacksonville’s highest rated window tinting company. We do our best to keep up with the workload, but we are often booked days and sometimes weeks in advance. Please be patient with us when scheduling, we are open six days a week to keep up with the workload. Give us a call a few days in advance to make sure we secure your desired appointment. If it happens that our schedules don’t allow, please do your research on the company you choose. It will save you a lot of time and money in the end. Call us at 904-844-8468 (TINT) with any questions.