Clear Window Tint

Clear window tint is great for customers who want to be more comfortable in their cars, but don’t want to hinder their visibility. This is why Llumar has come up with the AIR series of window films. These films can block almost half of the heat coming through your glass and all of the damaging UV rays.

I know this goes against common knowledge, and can be hard to believe, but it is not the darkness of the tint that is making your car cooler as much as the material used in the making of the film.

We have heat lamp displays set up here at 100% Tint so that you can actually feel the difference in the films. The AIR series is a great choice for windshields or windows that you don’t want to interfere with visibility. Our AIR series has the same amount of UV and heat blocked out as our ceramic films. Although the film is clear this can actually help patients with skin cancer and help prevent skin cancer.

Most drivers get skin cancer on the left side of there body because the average american spends 101 minuets a day on the road that can add up to a lot of UV exposure and potential skin damage. Llumar window films keeps out 99.9% of UV rays that enter your vehicle this will make a huge difference in your vehicle. Since this is a clear film it will block the heat and UV not the light.

This film gives off a slightly blue color when you look at it through your car windows, with this film it would look as if you don’t have any film on your vehicle. With Llumar window films you cant go wrong.  Please stop by today for a demonstration and to set up an appointment.