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Military Discount Window Tinting

Here at 100% Tint we strive to supply our customers with quality products and work along with convenience and affordability. You think it’d be easier to gain customers and support with lies and telling people what they want to hear. Truth is, that’s more work and most people would rather hear facts and invest in products that have good quality and lifetime warranty. With that, here is why 100% Tint is where you need to go for all your window tinting needs. We’re conveniently located right off of I-295 and Blanding Blvd.

You don’t have to deal with the daily Orange Park traffic . We are locally owned and operated and more importantly we support our Military families and those of our Veterans. With us being located in a military community under 15 minutes away from NAS Jax, we  give our service members a MILITARY DISCOUNT.   As an authorized Llumar Films dealer,  you’re covered under warranty and will have the ability to have your tint repaired with any of our nationwide dealers if any issues arise.

Another fact about us that ties into convenience is that we do our best to work our appointments under the customers availability. We’re open 7 days a week. We work by appointments but, with  proper communication and slight patience we can get customers in on same day if available. Now stepping away from convenience, here at 100% Tint we do our best to educate our customers on our tint and encourage them to go with quality over a bargain when selecting their film. Upon arriving for your appointment we go over the different options of film available and we do our best in helping you choose what’s best for you, your health and your budget.

We offer quality film and professional installation at affordable and reasonable prices. Add that with our military discount and you can’t go wrong. Our installations are complete within reasonable time and we pay attention to detail throughout the entire process ensuring you receive our best work every time. Going back to convenience, every customer has the option to drop off their vehicle first thing giving us the flexibility to work on it throughout the day or wait in our air conditioned waiting area while their installation takes place.

If you’re a busy person that can’t wait for your vehicle, it is in safe hands and can be dropped off first thing in the morning or at the time of your appointment and we can give you a call to come pick it up once it’s finished or any time before we close at the end of the day. Overall, if you want quality window film and installation, a lifetime warranty with nationwide dealers, professionals who will set you up with the best film, and one of the highest rated shops in Florida, 100% Tint is the way to go. We can’t wait to hear from you for all of your future window tinting needs. Call or email us today to schedule your appointment!