Window Tint For Added Safety

We have recently been reading studies about window tint for added safety. Unprotected side window glass can shatter during a collision. The thousands of glass fragments can be embedded into passengers skin in the event of an accident. The shards can also interfere with the protection of side impact airbags.

Side impact collisions account for about 30% of total accidents annually. Using window tint for added safety can greatly reduce the risk of injury in these accidents. The side windows are usually not laminated glass like the windshield should be. Laminated glass is made to not shatter. You can get the same results from having us here at 100% Tint install window film. The leading cause of death from accidents is from occupants being ejected from the vehicle. The added protection Llumar window tint provides can help prevent this. As you can see in the video of these tests, there is a huge difference between tinted and un-tinted glass in an accident. Because it helps the window stay in place it also helps reduce the risk of ejection.

Accidents happen everyday. You should want to protect your friends and family any way you can. You can’t always avoid accidents, but you can take steps to make sure your passengers are more protected. Airbags, Blind Spot Detectors, and Seat-belts are just a few of the ways auto makers are making their vehicles more safe. Some of the newer cars are now coming with laminated glass on the side windows. If your car does not have this we can install window tint for added safety on your side glass. There is no price you can put on your safety. We would love to hear from you today to go over your options for window film and to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (904) 844-8468 for an appointment.