Window Tinting Westside

Window Tinting Westside

If your looking for a professional tintiing shop that specializes in window tinting westside, look no further! 100% Tint is a lot different than other window tint and car audio stores. We strive to make getting your windows tinted easy, convenient and comfortable.

You don’t have to deal with the unorganized, unprofessional, and unreliable stores that have been the same way for years. Come see us at 100% Tint. We have all the comforts of home with an appointment based, no wait policy. You will not have to wait in line or wait around all day. We set an appointment and we stick to it. most cars will be done in about an hour, and you can enjoy our brand new waiting area with free WiFi and TV while you wait.

The time will fly by! We promise this will be the easiest, most convenient experience you’ve ever had getting window tint. A lot of people assume that they will have to deal with poor organization and unprofessional shops because that’s all they’ve ever known. Come see us and let us show you how easy it can be. All of our window tint carries a nationwide manufacturers lifetime warranty.

This is huge because that means that even if you can’t make it back to us, you can find any Llumar dealer in america to take care of any problems you may have with you tint for as long as you own the vehicle. You will hear a lot of shops claim lifetime warranty, do yourself a favor and read the company’s reviews and ask what brand of tint they are using. This will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

There are two parts to a quality window tint job, good installation and good product. If your missing either one of those things it can lead to problems. A low quality installation is usually obvious within about a week of getting your windows tinted. After the film cures, you will notice the imperfections. A low quality product on the other hand, will look fine until it starts to bubble and turn purple.

We usually see this within six months to a year in Florida. We are closer to the equator than most, therefore it is more important to get a quality product that can withstand the abuse. Cheap tint can save you a few dollars in the beginning, but can end up costing you more time and money in the end. Come see one of Florida’s highest rated window tinting shops conveniently located on the westside of Jacksonville. Don’t get stuck with cheap window film! Call us today to schedule an appointment. (904) 844-8468